Our Services

Our mission is to accelerate collaboration among companies, governments, and civil society to tackle the world’s toughest challenges. We’ve helped organizations collaborate, learn, and adapt as they develop innovative solutions to a wide range of technical areas, from workforce development to global health, from combatting fake news to combatting wildlife crime. We’ve worked in more than 30 countries to help structure outcome-oriented partnerships that amplify impact and get results faster and at lower cost.

Key Capabilities:

  • Partnership Building & Scaling
  • Facilitation and Workshop Development
  • Collective Impact and Backbone Organizations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Multimedia and Digital Communications Strategies
  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership Alignment and Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Leading and Teaching Co-Creation Methods
  • Social Behavior Change Programs and Capacity Building
  • Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptation
  • Accelerating Adoption of New Mindsets & Practices
  • Social Behavior Change Design & Communications
  • Human Centered Design and Design Thinking
  • Multi-stakeholder Engagement
  • Lean Start-up for Social Innovation
  • Systems Thinking

Commercial Pricing & GSA Schedule

CollaborateUp is on the MAS Schedule 00CORP.

Our Contract Number is:

Our SINs are: 541611