CollaborateUp will be hosting a series of virtual, interactive roundtable discussions on collaboration in crisis, with a specific emphasis on multi-sector collaboration to combat COVID-19. Listen to past roundtables or join our upcoming roundtables to contribute your ideas for improving collaboration as we work together to tackle this and other imminent crises. 


Roundtable #1: Virtual Co-Creation: Is It Possible?

Date: March 19, 2020
Host: USAID/MOAA and CollaborateUp
Description: Is a virtual co-creation right for you? Are you planning one soon? Are you facilitating a co-creation and now have to re-work your framework into a virtual one? How can I ensure collaboration with multiple stakeholders without being physically present? This session will include a discussion on:
– Tips/Tricks for Virtual Meetings (with emphasis on multiple stakeholders) including the psychology of being a participant and/or facilitator in this space
– Pros and Cons: obstacles/challenges of virtual collaborative approaches and how to overcome them
– Pros and Cons: obstacles/challenges of virtual collaborative approaches and how to overcome them
*This recording does not constitute as an official endorsement by USAID

Roundtable #2: Virtual Workshops & Co-Creation: Know When (and How) To Hold ‘Em

Date: March 25, 2020
Host: CollaborateUp
Description: Are you trying to work with multiple organizations to tackle a tough social or development problem? Worried that social distancing will derail your plans? We know from experience that you can still collaborate and co-create even in a virtual setting. This session will cover:
– Tips/Tricks for virtual meetings with multiple stakeholders
– Collaborating Online, even in low bandwidth settings
– Obstacles/Challenges of virtual collaborative approaches and how to overcome them

Roundtable #3: Faith and COVID-19

Date: March 31, 2020
Host: CollaborateUp 
Panelist Organizations: Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington, DC; Catholic Diocese of Arlington; JCRC; Area Seventy Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints; The Nation’s Mosque
Description: Interactive roundtable discussion on how faith organizations in the DMV area are responding to COVID-19. WTOP News provides more detail about the webinar and the strategies faith leaders are using to reach followers and deal with the pandemic here:

Roundtable #4: Going Virtual in the COVID-19 Era

Date: April 6, 2020
Host: Society for International Development (SID) and CollaborateUp
Description: As COVID-19 forces many of us to work from home, many executives are asking if and how they can continue to make progress, advance work plans, and keep collaborating over distance. Join this highly interactive virtual meeting and learn:
– Which virtual platforms work in which environments — specifically for USAID missions and offices
– Strategies for meeting organizers on how to prepare, facilitate, and run effective virtual meetings
– Tips for executives on how to use virtual platforms to advance work plans
– Pointers for even the most seasoned virtual meeting-goer to get the most out of these meetings 

Roundtable #5: Restarting the Economic Engine: A Multi-Sector Guide to Policies & Practices

Date: April 15, 2020
Host: CSIS and CollaborateUp
Description: Once COVID-19 begins to wane —and it will — communities around the US and the globe will need to restart their economic engines. Doing so will take a mix of private sector grit, public sector priming, and civil sector convening. What actions should business executives,  public policy makers, and civil society leaders take now to ensure we can come back stronger? What are the specific policies and practices they need to implement at the community- and ground-level? Participants will walk away with specific tips and insights on using virtual platforms to start and manage these collaborations. 
View Webcast Here:


Roundtable #6 : Collaboration in Crisis: Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for COVID-19

Date: April 24, 2020
Host: CSIS and CollaborateUp
Description: As communities all over the world respond to COVID-19, many leaders across the public, private, and civil sectors have started thinking about how they can take action. This webinar will cover both immediate and long-term actions that leaders can take to come together now to either start new or scale existing multi-sector, multi-stakeholder collaborations that will make their communities better able to endure the current crisis and more resilient to bounce back after the crisis is over. The webinar will also specifically address steps these communities can take now to prepare for a likely “second wave” of infections later this year. This highly interactive and hands-on discussion will explore how to:
– Apply lessons learned from other natural and manmade disasters, including from past pandemics but also major storms, acts of terror, and financial crises
– Use virtual platforms and outreach to form partnerships and begin collaborating now
– Develop specific action plans
– Bounce back faster and avoid common pitfalls that often occur in the wake of similar disasters
Participants will walk away with a checklist to kickstart or scale multi-sector collaboration on COVID-19 in their community, as well as ideas and tools for working across sectors. 
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