The CollaborateUp Formula is a step-by-step process that adapts successful rapid development tools and Lean Startup methodology to focus creativity and jump-starts collaboration. Using our formula results in fully developed, testable solutions with clear, measurable outcomes that stakeholders can use to evaluate how well they’ve achieved their goals.

Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Formula

The CollaborateUp Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Formula is a step-by-step process that adapts successful rapid development tools and Lean Startup methodology to focus creativity and jump-starts collaboration. Using our Formula results in fully developed, testable solutions with clear, measurable outcomes that stakeholders can use to evaluate how well they’ve achieved their goals.

Hybrid Meetings Guide

The CollaborateUp’s Hybrid Meetings Guide provides a framework to follow when deciding whether any particular kind of work, meeting, or other collaboration should be done in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Our framework starts by asking: “What do you and your participants want to accomplish?” Based on that answer, our five-step process will guide you and your team toward an effective and efficient working, meeting, and collaborating approach. Click the link below for our Hybrid Working Guide

Collaboration Canvas

Adapted from the Business Model Canvas, our Collaboration Canvas enrolls key players in solving a specific intractable problem by creating a unique value proposition for a particular impacted community. The Collaboration Canvas supports partners in social innovation by quickly bringing stakeholders up to speed on the major challenges and provides a simple but effective structure for co-creating solutions.

“The CollaborateUp Workshop gave our delegates a set of tools they can use immediately to collaborate more effectively across multiple departments and organizations.”

Erika Lopez, Global Impact

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Agile Principles

Our Agile Rollout Principles outline how to quickly roll out collective action initiatives and programs, creating dynamic and agile partnership frameworks that will produce greater impact at lower cost in less time. By following these principles, collaborators can accelerate and amplify impact of their programs. 

Backbone Organization Field Guide

CollaborateUp’s Partnership Engagement System outlines 27 principles and practices drawn from years of experience that can help any partnership cross the gap between vision and execution. These tools and tricks are invaluable to any collaborative seeking to form backbone support.

“Building up the capacity and capability of nonprofits to make a difference in the world is a core part of the Office Depot Foundation’s mission. CollaborateUp had a really big impact on the nonprofits we support, giving them tools and insights they can use immediately.”

Mary Wong