The Global Engagement Forum: Live 2017


In April of 2017 we helped our partners PYXERA Global bring together almost 300 participants from across the world to Washington, DC to tackle some of the solvable problems in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We brought the CollaborateUp Formula to bear for three tracks of adaptive problems: the youth skills gap and unemployment, post-harvest loss, and non-communicable diseases. While many of these issues are “solved” in a technical capacity, there needs to be a concerted and collaborative effort to bring those solutions to scale. The participants represented a wealth of knowledge and resources, and were personally invited by PYXERA Global as the right people to get to work on solving these problems, many of them representing efforts to already do so.

In only two days, the participants were ready to go with their biggest barriers to action identified and with actionable plans for progress. Check out more about GEF Live and what comes next here.


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October 24, 2018

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