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Improving honey bee health and safeguarding the food supply requires intensive cooperation across the entire agricultural system. Beekeepers need to understand growers who need to understand crop advisors who need to understand seed companies, and so on throughout the food chain. In addition, each of these players needs to be willing to take actions that may not immediately benefit themselves but benefit the overall industry in the medium to long term.


The Project

That’s why we created The Bee Understanding Project, an incubated project of the Honey Bee Health Coalition. Through the Project, farmers and beekeepers, crop advisors and entomologists, pest control applicators and regulators switch jobs for a day and walk a mile in the other person’s boots to see this problem from the ground level and develop solutions together. And you can watch. In addition to swapping jobs, we captured everything in a documentary short film that we are working to embed in continuing education programs throughout the food chain.

Watch the Film


What You Can Do


  • Screen the film: Download The Bee Understanding Project Discussion Guide to help guide your event.
  • Join in our commitment to create solutions for pollinator health by clicking “Donate Now“.

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The Project Steering Group




The Bee Understanding Project is an incubated project of the Honey Bee Health Coalition. The mission of the Honey Bee Health Coalition is to collaboratively implement solutions that will help to achieve a healthy population of honey bees while also supporting healthy populations of native and managed pollinators in the context of productive agricultural systems and thriving ecosystems.

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October 24, 2018

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