PYXERA Global Engagement Forum

PYXERA Global and CollaborateUp work together annually to jointly program the Global Engagement Forum on ‘solvable development problems.’ This partnership began in 2017, and CollaborateUp has jointly designed the Forum as an invitation-only event, where participants rolled up their sleeves and co-designed approaches with a bias-to-action.

We assisted PYXERA in both the design and facilitation of their event, creating a detailed run of show and participant agenda, identifying, recruiting, and preparing speakers and discussion leaders for the event and breakout sessions, developed fundraising materials, and worked with PYXERA to identify funders and co-lead donor meetings to fund the program. Using our CollaborateUp toolkit, we “trained” breakout leaders, speakers, and discussion leaders on how to host their sessions in ways that drove action toward solving specific problems and created content for eventual publication. 

Our innovative techniques and approaches to sessions, like hack-a-thons and pitch competitions, inspired participants to develop plans they could move forward after the Forum was over. In fact, participants took such ownership of ideas and projects formed during the Forum that multiple fundable programs and satellite events spawned. 


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December 15, 2019

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