Paycor Problem Solving Course

Paycor, a human resources software and online payroll services firm based in Ohio, had outgrown its standard way of problem solving, especially when multiple teams were involved. With more teams and more leaders, leadership was searching for an innovative, engaging training course to support a cadre of key staff to learn and apply a repeatable, rigorous process to tackle cross-functional problems. 

In response, CollaborateUp designed an innovative problem-solving course founded in the principles of human centered design, adaptative leadership and shared value. The course provided a grounding in the theory and principles of these concepts and a hands-on practical experience, with the opportunity to conduct a real-world practicum applying them. Built around our set of adaptable tools, the course gave students the tools and conceptual building blocks they needed to address complex problems that sat at the nexus of multiple Paycor teams. 

Participants left the course with:

  • An appreciation for the problem-solving process as a key professional and innovation competency and how it fit into the system of Paycor
  • Knowledge of the evidence and principles behind the process
  • Understanding of when and how to apply and/or adapt the practices and steps of the process to appropriate problems — and when not to use them
  • A “Field Guide” of resources to draw from including exercises, tools and techniques
  • An opportunity to practice and build confidence in applying the process through a post-training clinic where participants applied their learning to a real world problem

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December 15, 2019

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