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Accelerating Cross-Sector Partnerships


Honey Bee Health Coalition 

Together with the Keystone Center, we helped form the Honey Bee Health Coalition to bring together beekeepers, growers, agriculture companies, conservationists, and scientists to focus on improving honey bee health in and around production agriculture.


To learn more about Coalition updates and what you can do to help click HERE. 

Ebola Tech Co-Creation Workshop

In the wake of the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the U.S. Global Development Lab of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) developed programs and initiatives to develop more resilient health systems infrastructure in West Africa should another outbreak occur. To that end, USAID released an open call for partners to collaborate possible implementation of activities in West Africa in the short, medium and long term. Through this call, the Lab’s Ebola team intended to select and convene a group of partner organizations with which to collaboratively identify new ideas, research, and approaches that can be tested and used in support of the Agency’s broader Ebola efforts.

CollaborateUp managed the design and implementation of a three-day workshop convened by USAID to co­create and design solutions to improve Health Information Systems (HIS) interoperability in West Africa and lay a foundation for partnerships with developers, donors, and implementers to effectively detect, prevent, and address future Ebola outbreaks. The workshop brought together 50 stakeholders and resulted in the submission of 12 concept notes to USAID for consideration.


From Crisis to Collaboration: Tightening the Corporate Response to Ebola

In December 2014, we convened 120+ stakeholders across the public, private, and non-profit sectors to grasp a common understanding of the facts surrounding the Ebola crisis and to decide on which priority issues the group may want to devote time and resources. We left the meeting with five priority areas: strengthening health systems, infrastructure & data, logistics, coordination & communication during response, and storytelling.


We reconvened nearly 50 stakeholders on a webinar in February 2015 to gauge their interest. Several corporate members were actively working on data- and vaccine-related projects with the public sector. When polled, nearly all 50 webinar attendees indicated that they want to re-convene ASAP to see what pilot projects they can launch together.

Managing Waste
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation 

In October 2014 we convened nearly 50 stakeholders on a webinar to discuss the priority areas for companies within the managing waste field. We invited experts from associations, NGOs, and industry to share the major trends so everyone had a firm grasp of the data. Those stakeholders indicated they wanted to engage in peer-to-peer learning, avoid duplicating efforts, see pilot projects on the ground, and find out how to make systematic change.

With this data, we continued to have meetings with other stakeholders in companies and NGOs to narrow in on which issues we wanted to solve. Two major themes emerged: seeing pilot projects on the ground and making the business case for better managed waste and the circular economy. In January 2015, we reconvened our network leaders to make sure these were the right issues. We continue to seek input from them, but are moving to launch pilot projects in priority areas.

“Waste Management Recycle Truck” by Clyde Robinson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Global Engagement Forum: Live 2017

In April of 2017 we helped our partners PYXERA Global bring together almost 300 participants from across the world to Washington, DC to tackle some of the solvable problems in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We brought the CollaborateUp Formula to bear for three tracks of adaptive problems: the youth skills gap and unemployment, post-harvest loss, and non-communicable diseases. While many of these issues are "solved" in a technical capacity, there needs to be a concerted and collaborative effort to bring those solutions to scale. The participants represented a wealth of knowledge and resources, and were personally invited by PYXERA Global as the right people to get to work on solving these problems, many of them representing efforts to already do so. 

In only two days, the participants were ready to go with their biggest barriers to action identified and with actionable plans for progress. Check out more about GEF Live and what comes next here.



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"Building up the capacity and capability of nonprofits to make a difference in the world is a core part of the Office Depot Foundation's mission. CollaborateUp had a really big impact on the nonprofits we support, giving them tools and insights they can use immediately." - Mary Wong
Extremely practical and extremely easy to implement once you have an understanding of the steps and the formula and the requirements of the process. - CollaborateUp Academy Participant
“Even with a diverse set of stakeholders and a very limited timeframe, the CollaborateUp Formula allowed us cut through a complex set of issues and develop a concrete and pragmatic proposal for tackling a very tough problem. Richard Crespin is exactly what you want in a facilitator, someone able to bring people together to recognize their shared goals and the best ways to achieve them.” - Amit Ronen Director, George Washington University Solar Institute
The course was great! Great value and great insights into collaborating with various partners in multiple situations. It really change my thought process and how I view situations with our clients and stakeholders. - CollaborateUp Academy Participant
"The CollaborateUp Workshop gave our delegates a set of tools they can use immediately to collaborate more effectively across multiple departments and organizations." - Erika Lopez, Global Impact
I soon discovered that it doesn’t really matter whether your introduction to CollaborateUp is through an issue solving workshop, or at an event as Richard brings all the chaos together with his savvy charm and good humour - the most important thing is that you get to engage and work with these great folks! My biggest take out over the past five years of being a part of their world – collaboration is a process and you’re not going to get very far unless you know what problem you’re all trying to solve together. The CollaborateUp framework helps by asking simple questions to help reveal the big answers. - Cate O’Kane, Founder, &co partnership consultancy
The course actually aids with more than just collaboration - it helps drive thinking into issue clarification, meeting handling and setting up, communicating with stakeholders. I loved it! - CollaborateUp Academy Participant