CollaborateUp deployed a team of seasoned facilitators well-versed in virtual co-creation to support the USAID Bureau for Europe and Eurasia’s (E&E) co-creation process to strengthen the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure in the region as part of its Annual Program Statement (APS). Specifically, the Bureau issued an Addendum entitled Critical Infrastructure Digitalization and Resilience (CIDR) to the APS.

Our facilitation team helped participants to:

  1. Develop a common understanding and agreement on the set of problems to solve
  2. Draft an updated and consolidated concept note(s), including priority activities
  3. Establish shared understanding of the timeline for submission

Our team designed and facilitated the workshop, involving each of the participants and keeping the sessions engaging. This included running breakout sessions, activities, icebreakers, group exercises, session recaps, and other participatory methods to maintain momentum, keep participants interested, the discussions productive, and the outcomes meaningful. Our team made a special effort to draw less participatory or more soft-spoken participants into dialogue and solicit their thoughts. While the agenda drove the workshop implementation, our team adjusted session topics and formats throughout the workshop based on participant feedback, the Facilitator’s observations, and prior session outcomes to ensure the event remains relevant and continues to move toward the identification of high potential concepts or activities that could be further refined and developed into one or more concept paper. 

Coming out of the workshop, CollaborateUp enabled participants to be organized around a strong concept, or concepts, that could be further developed and presented for funding consideration.