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CollaborateUp advises businesses, governments, and non-profits on how to work together to solve big problems. Every nonprofit is a business and every business has a social mission, they just don't always know it or act like it. We work with firms to find their unique social mission where they can make significant impact and work with non- profits to build programs that attract companies as partners and donors. On behalf of our clients, we make strategic introductions, translate the needs of businesses to NGOs and vice-versa, and structure outcome-oriented partnerships that amplify impact and get results faster at lower cost.


Meet the Team


Richard Crespin, CEO 

Richard Crespin is the CEO of CollaborateUp, a boutique consulting firm advising businesses and non-profits on how to work together to solve big problems. Richard works with firms to find their unique social mission where they can make significant impact and with non-profits to build programs that attract companies as partners and donors. On behalf of his clients, Richard makes strategic introductions, translates the needs of businesses to NGOs and vice-versa, and structures outcome-oriented partnerships that amplify impact and get results faster at lower cost.

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Maureen Mazurek, Senior Director

Maureen Mazurek is an accomplished and visionary executive with over 20 years of successfully building and leading high performance teams to deliver outstanding business results. Her international background provides a strong foundation for understanding global challenges, like food security, and strategies for solving them. She has worked with corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, and academic institutions.

Maureen is recognized as a change agent developing and activating programs including sustainable & responsible supply chains, manufacturing & production agricultural excellence, environmental sustainability, green technology platforms, corporate responsibility, and communications to grow the business and strengthen the brand image. She also has record of success developing and leading multi-stakeholder strategies, partnerships, and collaborations for social and environmental impact at scale.

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Jessica McGlyn, Senior Director


Jessica is an accomplished multi-stakeholder project and collaboration director, specializing in the topics of sustainability, natural resource, environment, and private sector and NGO collaboration.  Jessica has facilitated global dialogues on contentious subjects like deforestation for diverse groups, including NGOs and companies from Low and Middle Income Countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. As an affiliate of Forum for the Future, she facilitates systems-convenings with the private sector and is adept at the use of scenarios, personas, and trends in co-creating large projects.  At CollaborateUp she trains government and private sector representatives in developing lean start-up systems-level collaborations.

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Emily Crespin, Senior Advisor

Emily serves as a Vice President for SRA International, leading SRA's management consulting capabilities; previously leading Touchstone Consulting Group, a strategy and management-consulting firm focused on achieving powerful outcomes for federal, state, and local governments, non-profits, and private organizations. As one of the leading thinkers on organizational transformation, Emily and her team work with organizations to rethink how they perform their missions. Emily brings a unique level of skilled facilitation focused on designing and delivering high-impact group sessions based on principles of purpose, creativity, engagement, and action.

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Andrea Durkin, Senior Advisor

Andrea Durkin is Founder and Principal of Sparkplug (www.sparkplugideas.com), an independent and collaborative consulting firm that helps companies maximize the social impact of their business, and help non-profits think more like businesses to achieve their social goals.  Her clients include Fortune 200 companies in the life sciences, food, and agriculture sectors.  Ms. Durkin is also advising the Community for Zero Hunger, a project designed to demonstrate these principals in the pursuit of eradicating hunger globally (www.zerohungercommunity.org).  From 2006 to 2013, Ms. Durkin served as Senior Director for Global Government Affairs in the Washington, DC office of Abbott Laboratories where she managed a global staff responsible for public policy and external relations across Abbott’s pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and nutrition businesses in Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East and Latin America. Ms. Durkin previously served as a U.S. Government trade negotiator and teaches International Trade as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s Master of Science in Foreign Service program.  

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Julie Felgar, Senior Advisor

Julie is a strategy and public policy executive with over 20 years of experience in The Boeing Company and the U.S. Government.  With strong analytic, negotiation, and public relations skills, she has led a variety of Corporate teams and initiatives responsible for developing and implementing advocacy, business and communications strategies to shape global and domestic policy and thought processes on critical issues affecting aviation including; sustainability, safety and security issues, sales advocacy, trade, export controls, immigration and communications/marketing.  She is a seasoned public speaker and passionate advocate for building strategic partnerships to address big pictures issues in a local way.

Her prior roles have included; Managing Director, Strategy ( Boeing Company), Senior Director International Government Operations (Boeing), Senior Manager, Trade Controls and Compliance (Boeing) and various roles within the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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Joiwind Ronen, Senior Advisor

Joiwind serves as a Senior Advisor at CollaborateUp. In addition to her role at CollaborateUp, Joiwind also founded Ethos Consulting to help high performing organizations increase their impact in the public sector. Since then she has helped more than two-dozen organizations more effectively define their strategies and communicate their goals. Most recently, Joiwind has supported stakeholder engagement efforts for the General Services Administration, Department of Labor and the Universal Service Administrative Company. Previously, Joiwind served as Executive Director of the American Council for Technology and its Industry Advisory Council, the premiere technology organizations facilitating communication and collaboration between the IT industry and government. Prior she was Managing Director and Director of Marketing and Communications for Touchstone Consulting Group (now SRA), where she served as part of the executive team and helped the company double its revenues.

Additionally, she was Director at the Council for Excellence in Government where she started the eGovernment Consortium, spurring the groundbreaking e-Government Act of 2002. Joiwind has served as an adviser and member of the Development Gateway of the World Bank, the E-Government Associates Group at the OECD, the Congressional Management Foundation and the Center for Democracy and Technology. She has also advised many foreign governments on their technology policies including: Mexico, Italy, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, United Kingdom, Morocco, Australia, and the Czech Republic. Joiwind is a Federal 100 award winner for technology excellence. She is actively involved in her community having volunteered with such organizations as: Offender Aid and Restoration, Corporate Responsibility Association, Teardrops to Rainbows and Fair Chance.







Where We're Going

Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) DataLab #2

London, England - March 2018

United Nations World Data Forum 2018

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - October 22-24, 2018

To inquire about running a CollaborateUp workshop at your next event, email us today.


Where We've Been

CollaborateUp has been honored to be a part of many great conferences, events, and presentations.

Recently, we went to:

Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) DataLab #1 

Palo Alto, CA - December 13-15, 2017

Reducing Opportunities for Unlawful Transport of Endangered Species (ROUTES) Full Partnership Meeting

Washington, DC - November 14-16, 2017

The Global Alliance for Children's #ChildrenCount

New York City, NY - July 18-19, 2017 

PYXERA Global Engagement Forum

Washington, DC - April 4-5, 2017

Global Partnerships Week 

Washington, DC - March 6-10, 2017

Health Means Business National Summit

Washington, DC - February 15-16, 2017

United Nations World Data Forum on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Cape Town, South Africa - January 16-18, 2017


What We've Done

CollaborateUp has produced work on topics of corporate responsibility, sustainability, public-private partnerships, and many other areas.  

To learn more about our work, visit our work archive here.


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I soon discovered that it doesn’t really matter whether your introduction to CollaborateUp is through an issue solving workshop, or at an event as Richard brings all the chaos together with his savvy charm and good humour - the most important thing is that you get to engage and work with these great folks! My biggest take out over the past five years of being a part of their world – collaboration is a process and you’re not going to get very far unless you know what problem you’re all trying to solve together. The CollaborateUp framework helps by asking simple questions to help reveal the big answers. - Cate O’Kane, Founder, &co partnership consultancy
"Building up the capacity and capability of nonprofits to make a difference in the world is a core part of the Office Depot Foundation's mission. CollaborateUp had a really big impact on the nonprofits we support, giving them tools and insights they can use immediately." - Mary Wong
The course was great! Great value and great insights into collaborating with various partners in multiple situations. It really change my thought process and how I view situations with our clients and stakeholders. - CollaborateUp Academy Participant
Extremely practical and extremely easy to implement once you have an understanding of the steps and the formula and the requirements of the process. - CollaborateUp Academy Participant
"The CollaborateUp Workshop gave our delegates a set of tools they can use immediately to collaborate more effectively across multiple departments and organizations." - Erika Lopez, Global Impact
“Even with a diverse set of stakeholders and a very limited timeframe, the CollaborateUp Formula allowed us cut through a complex set of issues and develop a concrete and pragmatic proposal for tackling a very tough problem. Richard Crespin is exactly what you want in a facilitator, someone able to bring people together to recognize their shared goals and the best ways to achieve them.” - Amit Ronen Director, George Washington University Solar Institute
The course actually aids with more than just collaboration - it helps drive thinking into issue clarification, meeting handling and setting up, communicating with stakeholders. I loved it! - CollaborateUp Academy Participant